I had a fantastic time with you yesterday. So loving, beautiful, and inviting. I couldn’t have asked for any other way to end Summer than with you. I know the upcoming season will be just as great just as the times we have spent together up to this point. I look forward to many many many more days and Summers and everything else with you.


I tried to play with words before but it just didn’t work and I’ll tell you why. To do “word play” you have to play with words. If you play with words, then you can play with someone’s mind. You play with someones mind you can trigger a reaction. A reaction causes an action which calls for a response. So in reality you’ve just created a “call n’response” made by a response that you are now responsible for. Now I’ve never been one to do such a thing but I have been pretty good at creating provocative thoughts from time to time. I just don’t know if it always works.

Just a Thought

My mind wanders at some of the worst times. Like right now I’m writing a paper. Not a hard paper and not a long paper, but my mind has wandered lengthening this process. Sooooo…some people like to write to let go of their troubles and express their emotions. A painter paints sometimes to express the things and their ideas through images. An artist makes things that expresses their ideas in ways that communicate with everyone and express themselves. So what do I have? Well…I use my words to express myself, but only when I feel like it. I have a talent behind the wheel like many claim to have. I use machines, in the form of vehicles to let out frustrations, anxiety, and creativity. Just like a canvas is to a painter, lyrics to a singer, words to a writer, hair to a hairstylist, and a canvas is to a painter, automobiles are to me because they are my unique form of expression and I will continue to be great with them.

Dear Brain

Dear Brain,

I did most of everything you told me to do for the week and you still seem restless. I even transferred money to our savings account to make you happy. Why are you so active? When you get this, please cut the light out for the night. 


Your buddy Dave

…Thought / Random

I could go for a little change right about now. I’m not too keen on doing the same tasks over and over again. This time it’s not because of I’m not using my brain. I’m definitely using my brain for this, it’s just not very exciting to me at this point. It may change though.